My name is Roman Willi, award winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker based in Lucerne, Switzerland. I have a bachelor of science FHGR & BFH in media engineering with a focus on film and animation. Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by nature, especially animals. endless fields is a platform for my multimedial content on nature and wildlife.

I strive to capture unique, never before seen behaviors of animals.  My belief is that creating these kind of images is essential to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. Especially the often misunderstood invertebrates have always interested me. This is the reason macro photography is my main focus. Out of all the creatures in the microcosm, I am most fascinated by arachnids – especially with jumping spiders. Their aesthetics and behaviours never cease to amaze me. One of my goals is to document all the species native to Switzerland. Besides photographing swiss wildlife, I love to travel and explore the biodiversity, especially in the rainforest. 

I am always interested to work on exciting projects so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In 2020 a dream came true for me when my image Death Pit was awarded highly commended in the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year #56 competition:
Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2020 Highly Commended Roman Willi Death Pit