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My name is Roman Willi, I am a wildlife photo- and videographer based in Lucerne, Switzerland. I finished my multimedia production studies with a bachelor of science FHGR & BFH in media engineering with a focus on film and animation. endless fields was created as a platform for my content on nature. I strive to capture unique moments in the lifes of wild animals. To get the perfect shot, I wait for hours in a hide or occasionally climb a mountain. I specialize in macrophotography. Making something visible that one cannot see by the naked eye has always fascinated me. Out of all the creatures in the microcosm, I am most fascinated by arachnids – especially with jumping spiders. Their aesthetics and behaviours never cease to amaze me. One of my goals is to document all the species native to Switzerland. Besides photographing swiss wildlife, I love to travel to foreign countries and explore the biodiversity. I am available as a freelancer.